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VueJS Amsterdam 2023

Vuejs Amsterdam 2024

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  • 28-29 February
  • 30 Vue and Vite Talks
  • 1098 Vue Enthusiasts

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  • Photo of Evan You
  • Vite

    Join us for the Vite Panel Discussion on day 1 of Vuejs Amsterdam.
    Get to meet an greet the Creator and Core Team Membersof Vite.js while they discuss its best user cases, future of and what makes Vite different from its direct competition.

    Listen to in-depth Vite Knowledge from Evan You
    and Core Team MembersPatak - Matias Capeletto, Anthony Fu, Christopher Quadflieg, Haoqun Jiang and Shun Yokoyama - Sapphi Red.

  • VueJS Amsterdam stage from behind audience

    30 Talks

    30 Professionals educating you on the latest inside of the Vue Eco-System

  • Posva introducing Pinia

    12 Vue Core Team

    With Core Updates and Technical Deep Dives

  • VueJS Amsterdam logo on screen

    Vite Panel

    Amazing Vite Panel Discussion with the Creator of Vite and 4 Core Team members

  • Evan You on stage

    Creator of Vue

    Evan You, returning after 3 years in-person on Stage in Amsterdam

  • Eduardo on stage

    4 Nuxt Updates

    Updates by Nuxt's Creator, Head of Framework and Senior Frontend Engineer

  • State of Vue speaker view

    Authors and Creators

    Authors and Creators of Vuetify, Nuxt, UnJS, Pinceau, Pinia, VueFire and more!


  • Photo of Matias Capeletto

      Matias Capeletto

      Vite Eco-System

    • Photo of Haoqun Jiang

        Haoqun Jiang

        Vue.js Core Team

      • Photo of Natalia Tepluhina

          Natalia Tepluhina

          Huge Vue 2-3 Migration

        • Photo of Yaël Guilloux

            Yaël Guilloux

            Pinceau | Approaching CSS-in-TS with Vue

          • Photo of Eduardo San Martin Morote

              Eduardo San Martin Morote


            • Photo of Adam Jahr

                Adam Jahr

                VueX to Pinia

              • Photo of Maria Lamardo

                  Maria Lamardo

                  Accessibility specialist

                • Photo og Guillaume Chau

                    Guillaume Chau

                    Vue.js Core team member

                  • Photo of Maya Shavin

                      Maya Shavin

                      Vue3 Composition Api and XState

                      Building component system with Vue 3 composition api and XState

                    • Photo of Aurélie Violette

                        Aurélie Violette

                        VueJs Performance Optimization

                        A tour of different ways to optimize large app,with real live examples and test comparison

                      • Photo of Philip Rakowski
                        Vue Storefront logo

                          Filip Rakowski

                          Storefront UI

                          Customization-first, performance-oriented and elegant UI framework for eCommerce (and not only) based on Vue.js and Google Retail UX Playbook.

                        • Photo of Evan You

                            Evan You

                            Founder of Vue.js

                          • Phoyo of Debbie O'Brien

                              Debbie O'Brien

                              Playwright e2e advocate

                            • Photo of Daniel Kelly
                              VueSchool logo

                                Daniel Kelly

                                From Vue CLI to Vite

                                Vite has revolutionized the Vue.js development experience with it's lightning fast server starts and HMR. It's the definite first pick for starting up any new project. But what about your existing projects that use Vue CLI? Vue CLI projects can be migrated to use Vite to capitalize on that awesome developer experience. Learn the steps to get it done!

                              • Photo of Sebastien Chopin

                                  Sebastien Chopin

                                  Creator of Nuxt.js

                                • Photo of Pooya Parsa

                                    Pooya Parsa

                                    UnJS | Unified JavaScript Tools

                                  • Bjorn-Lu

                                      Bjorn Lu

                                      Svelte and Vite core team

                                    • Photo of Daniel Roe

                                        Daniel Roe

                                        Building Elk

                                        Building Elk: Rapid Development with Nuxt 3 Case Study of Nuxt 3 in action, using Elk, which is (soon) an open-source Mastodon client

                                      • Photo of Anthony Fu

                                          Anthony Fu

                                          Nuxt powered Vue DX

                                        • Photo of Lucie Haberer

                                            Lucie Haberer

                                            open-source ecosystem

                                            Have you ever found yourself lost in your node modules feeling like a toddler on a university campus? Yes? Well, since you work with node modules, that means you’re definitely using various NPM packages throughout your projects, but do you know what they are made of? Join Lucie during her talk to better understand how NPM packages work, how to make great packages, and what maintaining a package ecosystem looks like as she shares some of her experience publishing and maintaining packages both for her company and as an open-source contributor.

                                          • Photo of Tim Benniks

                                              Tim Benniks

                                              A Vue into Rock& Roll!

                                              Rock & roll is alive and kicking and in this talk I will showcase that Vue is so versatile it can be used to do audio visualisations while rock guitar soars through the browser. The audience will have access to a vue application which allows them to vote for a song to be played live on stage. The screen shows all the votes and I play them as they come up. While playing music meta data is shown and an audio visualisation plays while I’m rocking on stage. The more votes a song gets, the higher it shows on the list and the more chance I’ll play it. The whole experience is created using Vue and Uniform. Next to waking the audience up with some spicy rock& roll, I will explain how the software was build and why Vue is such an important technology for composable architectures with multiple channels.

                                            • Photo of Marc Backes

                                                Marc Backes

                                                DevRel Lead

                                                This talk is designed to show people what a virtual DOM is, and what it is used for. We'll see a bit the theory of it, then build a simplified version of the Vue 3 VDOM on stage from scratch - step by step! After the talk, people will have more familiarity with the black box that sometimes is "VDOM".

                                              • Photo of Sybren Willemot

                                                  Sybren Willemot

                                                  Core member of Chakra UI Vue

                                                  The short answer is yes! The long answer is, attend this talk where I show you how to leverage Chakra UI Vue components and its theme API to build a custom and complete accessible design system for your brand. Using Chakra UI Vue can really speed up your process, enjoy the developer experience and keep your design team your best friend! And save on budget (some might find this interesting too).

                                                • Photo of Ramona Schwering
                                                  Shopware logo

                                                    Ramona Schwering

                                                    Software Developer

                                                    Ramona is a software engineer at shopware AG with roots in quality assurance. She owns both views of the product - that of a tester and a developer. Ramona primarily uses this to strengthen trust in test automation and support the testers and developers alike, becoming a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, Women Techmaker Ambassador, and Cypress ambassador.

                                                  • Photo of Markus Oberlehner

                                                      Markus Oberlehner

                                                      Software Architect

                                                    • Photo of Ramona Biscoveanu

                                                        Ramona Biscoveanu

                                                        ‎Demo Solution Senior Specialist

                                                        Software developer at SAP. Experienced in working with JavaScript (SAP UI5 , React, Vue) and Machine learning enthusiast from France.

                                                      • Photo of Jessica Sachs

                                                          Jessica Sachs

                                                          Staff Egnineer

                                                          Jess is a Staff Engineer @ PathAI, leading the development of their Component Library “Anodyne”. Previously she was at Cypress and led the creation of Cypress Component Testing.

                                                        • Photo of Alexander Ibsen-Abela

                                                            Alexander Ibsen-Abela

                                                            Software Engineer

                                                            Danish Australian, Aussie-rules football lover and passionate technologist making experimentation simple on I enjoy discovering new ways and technologies to automate and simplify the world around us. Headshots attached for both – we may send you new headshots later as we’re trying to get some new ones taken for the event.

                                                          • Photo of Alex Kyriakidis

                                                              Alex Kyriakidis

                                                              Co-Founder VueSchool

                                                              Founder of Vue School. Vue.js Team Member. Author of the first 2 books about Vue.js. Frozen coffee (Frappe) lover.

                                                            • Photo of Mariam Reba Alexander

                                                                Mariam Reba Alexander

                                                                Software Engineer

                                                                Web technologies. Vue. Jest. Cypress. Web security. TDD. Automation. Software Engineer, Frontend community co-ordinator cum host and Cyber Security Champion member at Maersk. Passionate about frontend development, secure coding practices, testing, Devops, data analytics and automation. Occasionally writes blogs at and speaks at conferences. My goal is to make secure and quality solutions that benefits businesses and makes lives easier.

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