VueJS Amsterdam 2025

The Largest and Most Special Vue Conference

  • 12-13 March 2025
  • 28 Vue & Vite Talks
  • 1098 Vue Enthusiasts
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Parallax impression
  • Evan You on stage

    Creator of Vue

    Bringing the Official Annual State of The Vuenion at this Vue Community Event of the Year

  • VueJS Amsterdam stage from behind audience

    28 Talks

    28 Professionals educating you on the latest inside of the Vue Eco-System

  • VueJS Amsterdam logo on screen

    Vite Core Team

    Core Framework Updates and the Road of Vite by Core Team members

  • Posva introducing Pinia

    12 Vue Core Team

    Core Updates and Technical Deep Dives by the Creators of the Vue Framework

  • Eduardo on stage

    4 Nuxt Updates

    Updates by Nuxt's Creator, Head of Framework and Senior Frontend Engineer

  • State of Vue speaker view

    Authors and Creators

    Authors and Creators of Vuetify, Nuxt, UnJS, Pinceau, Pinia, VueFire and more!

  • Photo of Evan You

      Evan You

      Creator of Vue & Vite

      STATE OF VUE & VITE | Evan is an independent software developer currently based in Singapore. He is the creator of the JavaScript framework Vite & Vue.js and the frontend build tool Vite. Most of his work is open source and publicly available on GitHub. If you happen to benefit from his OSS work, you can support him financially via GitHub Sponsors.

    • Photo of Sebastien Chopin

        Sebastien Chopin

        Creator of Nuxt.js

        STATE OF NUXT 2024 | Build your next Vue.js application with confidence using NuxtJS. An open source framework making web development simple and powerful.

      • Photo of Jessica Sachs

          Jessica Sachs

          Staff Egnineer

          MAGIC OF MOBILE WITH VUE & VITE | Staff Engineer @ PathAI, leading the development of their Component Library “Anodyne”. Previously she was at Cypress and led the creation of Cypress Component Testing.

        • Photo og Guillaume Chau

            Guillaume Chau

            Vue.js Core team member

            VueJS core team and Apollo GraphQL contributor. Maintaining official tools in the Vue ecosystem like the devtools, Vue-Apollo, Vue-CLI, Vue-UI, Meteor-Vue

          • Photo of Cagatay Civici

              Cagatay Civici

              Founder of PrimeTek

              PRIME VUE - UI COMPONENT LIBRARY | Creator of PrimeVue at PrimeTek, the team behind the popular open-source UI libraries. As a Vue enthusiast, he has been working on contributing a top-notch UI library for the Vue Ecosystem.

            • Photo of Pooya Parsa

                Pooya Parsa

                UnJS | Unified JavaScript Tools

                UNJS: UNIFIED JAVASCRIPT TOOLS | Agnostic Excellence: JavaScript Libraries, Tools, and Utilities, Crafted to Elevate Your Coding Journey.

              • Photo of Vanessa Otto
                • vuejs

                Vanessa Otto

                Head of Frontend @ Zavvy

                TIPTAP, OPENAI and VUEJS | Head of Frontend at, working extensively with Vue 3. She has an M.Sc in Media Informatics with a focus on Human-Computer-Interaction. She co-hosts two popular podcasts, Working Draft and expect(Exception). Vanessa is an experienced public speaker and workshop facilitator, sharing her expertise and passion for technology with diverse audiences. She has contributed to multiple conferences, serving on program committees for notable events like JS Kongress.

              • Photo of Daniel Roe

                  Daniel Roe

                  Building Elk

                  NUXT CORE TEAM | Leading the Nuxt Core Team and building: • • • Elk • unjsio • GoogleDevExpert • Microsoft MVP

                • Photo of Anthony Fu
                  • vite

                  Anthony Fu

                  Vite Core Team

                  PROGRESSIVE LEARN OF VUE & NUXT | OS Contributor, Creator of Vitest, Slidev, VueUse, UnoCSS, Elk, Type Challenges and others. Core team member of Vue, Nuxt and Vite.

                • Photo of Eduardo San Martin Morote

                    Eduardo San Martin Morote

                    Vue Core Team and Creator of Pinia

                    PINIA DISASTERCLASS | Creator of Pinia and working on Vue-Router, Vuefire and Vue. Eduardo is a Consultant and Trainer from Spain living in France.

                  • Photo of Elise Patrikainen

                      Elise Patrikainen

                      Senior Front-end Developer

                      EFFICIENT SERVER STATE MANAGEMENT | Senior front-end freelance developer who loves Vue and its ecosystem. Also co-organizer of Vue.js Partis Meetup Ecosystem.

                    • Photo of Tim Benniks

                        Tim Benniks

                        Developer Relations Lead @ Hygraph

                        A VUE INTO ROCK N ROLL PART 2 | He’s active in the developer community through speaking engagements at conferences and creation of YouTube videos on modern technologies. Tim collaborates regularly with startups like Cloudinary, Prismic, Zeplin, and NuxtJS, and is a member of the MACH Alliance Tech Council. It's all about quality, community, and development of great websites.

                      • Photo of Philip Rakowski
                        Vue Storefront logo

                          Filip Rakowski


                          TURN YOUR OPEN SOURCE INTO A LARGE SCALE BUSINESS | An active member of Vue.js Community, co-organizer of Wrocław Vue.js meetups and speaker on international Vue.js and Javascript conferences all around the world. He loves eCommerce, Vue, Nuxt and is always eager to find ways to optimize web performance.

                        • Photo of Justin Schroeder

                            Justin Schroeder

                            Founder of Formkit

                            Creator of FormKit, AutoAnimate, ArrowJS, and VueFormulate. When he’s not creating open-source packages, Justin is a devoted husband, father of three boys, and connoisseur of all things aviation.

                          • Photo of Vladimir Sheremet

                              Vladimir Sheremet

                              Vite Core Team

                              Vitest’s core contributor and team member of Vite, in pursuit of making testing easier and enjoyable

                            • Photo of Matias Capeletto

                                Matias Capeletto

                                Vite core team

                                VITE - PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE | Matias (patak) is a Vite core team member, and a Vitest and Vue team member. He works at StackBlitz, doing Open Source work full time for the Vite Ecosystem.

                              • Photo of Ramona Schwering

                                  Ramona Schwering

                                  Devloper Advocate @ Auth0

                                  AUTHN IN VUE, THE IMPORTANT PARTS | Ramona, a Developer Advocate at Auth0, bridges roles as a tester and developer. She's a Google Dev Expert in Web Tech, Women Techmaker Ambassador, and Cypress Ambassador, building trust in test automation and identity topics.

                                • Photo of Yauheni Prakopchyk

                                    Yauheni Prakopchyk

                                    CTO at Epicmax

                                    STORYBOOK AND PLAYWRIGHT | CTO of Epicmax, a software development firm specializing in Vue-based projects. He is the lead developer of the open-source Vue3 UI framework, Vuestic UI, and has been involved in the creation of more than 30 Vue-based projects over his career.

                                  • Photo of Alexander Lichter

                                      Alexander Lichter

                                      Web Engineering Consultant

                                      VUEJS HYDRATION DEMYSTIFIED | Alex is a web engineering consultant and Nuxt team member in his twenties. When not working on open-source projects, he gives talks at conferences, writes blog posts or consults other companies on web development with a focus on Vue and Nuxt.

                                    • Photo of Rijk van Zanten

                                        Rijk van Zanten

                                        Co-Founder & CTO at Directus

                                        STATE OF DATA LOADING | Directus is The backend to build anything or everything. Turn your database into a robust app in just 90 seconds. Meet Directus, the composable data platform powering over 25 million projects.

                                      • Photo of Alex Kyriakidis

                                          Alex Kyriakidis

                                          Co-Founder VueSchool

                                          Founder of Vue School. Vue.js Team Member. Author of the first 2 books about Vue.js. Frozen coffee (Frappe) lover.

                                        • Photo of Adam Jahr

                                            Adam Jahr

                                            Co-founder of VueMastery

                                            Founder of VueMastery and Vue.js Community Partner. VueMastery is the ultimate learning resource for Vue developers and the biggest financial backer of the Vue framework.

                                          • Photo of Natalia Tepluhina

                                              Natalia Tepluhina

                                              Huge Vue 2-3 Migration

                                            • Photo of Daniel Kelly
                                              VueSchool logo

                                                Daniel Kelly

                                                From Vue CLI to Vite

                                                Teaching Vue.js to beginners and experienced developers alike. Most days I'm either working on the content for a new course, preparing to teach live workshops, writing articles for the Vue School blog, or helping to plan the next big Vue School event. Prior to joining the Vue School, I was a full stack developer and worked with technologies such as Vue.js, Nuxt.js, and Laravel. I loved working with them so much, that I knew I wanted to teach others about the technology so they could benefit from them just like I did!"

                                              • Photo of Julien Huang

                                                  Julien Huang

                                                  Frontend Developer

                                                  NUXTISLAND | Frontend developer working at Leetchi in France and open-source enjoyer. Julien is also part of the Nuxt Insiders Team.

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                                                • Giant screen, cinema seats
                                                • Theater Amsterdam

                                                  Described by our global Javascript leaders as the "Most Impressive Venue I have ever seen". Vue Experts delivering high-level talks with coding examples on a large 500m2 Screen. Diverse, world-class and free lunchtime catering. Comfy Cinema seats allowing you to open up your laptop if you wish to code along.

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                                                  Vuejs Amsterdam 2025 will take place in March 2025 in-person at Theater Amsterdam.

                                                  Vuejs Amsterdam is the Most Special & Largest Vue Conference in the World with 1,100 People flying from over 50 Countries in the World from 437 companies. Vuejs Amsterdam is the Vue Community Event of the year.

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