VueJS Amsterdam

VueJS Amsterdam


  • 9, 10 February
  • Theater Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands

The Most Special & Largest Vue Conference in the World.

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Cyber Monday Sale

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    Evan You returns in person on stage!

    We are thrilled to announce the in person return of the Creator of Vue, Evan You at Vuejs Amsterdam 2023 and tickets are selling out fast for Vuejs Amsterdam since this breaking news.

    Evan You will bring the official annual State of the Vuenion alongside framework updates and releases from Vue, Vite and Nuxt Core Team Members.

    Join the Vue Community event of the year on 9th & 10th February and receive all important Framework Updates and key releases by Core Team Members and Library Authors.

    Welcome to the Most Special & Largest Vue Conference in the World.

    Join us for this 2 Day Vue Conference with 1,250 People flying from over 50 Countries in the World. Vuejs Amsterdam is the must-attend Vue Community Event & Event of the year.

    Join the Creator of Vue, Evan You, Vue and Vite Core Team Member in-person at Theater Amsterdam on 9 and 10 February 2023.

    30 professionals educating you on how to level up as a Vue Developer via Core Team Updates, Industry Releases and Case Studies.

    • Photo of Matias Capeletto (Patak)

      Matias Capeletto

      Vite core team

      • vite

    • Photo of Haoqun Jiang

      Haoqun Jiang

      Vue.js Core Team

      • Photo of Natalia Tepluhina

        Natalia Tepluhina

        Vue.js Core Team

        • Vue Query logo

      • Photo of Pooya Parsa

        Pooya Parsa

        Nuxt Core Team

        • nuxtjs.svg

      • Photo of Eduardo San Martin Morote

        Eduardo San Martin Morote

        Vue.js Core Team

        • vuejs
        • pinia.svg

      • Photo of Adam Jahr

        Adam Jahr

        Co-founder of VueMastery

        • Photo of Maria Lamardo

          Maria Lamardo

          Accessibility specialist

          • Photo og Guillaume Chau

            Guillaume Chau

            Vue.js Core team member

            • histoire-logo.svg
            • Vue Devtools logo

          • John Leider

            Vuetify 3

            Vuetify 3

          • Maya Shavin

            Vue3 Composition Api and XState

              building component system with Vue 3 composition api and XState

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            • Early Bird
              VueJS Amsterdam

              €699 €899

              • JSWorld Conference - 8 Feb 2023
              • VueJS Amsterdam - 9 & 10 Feb 2023
            • Early Bird
              JSWorld Conference

              €799 €999

              • JSWorld Conference - 8 Feb 2023
              • VueJS Amsterdam - 9 & 10 Feb 2023
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            • Giant screen, cinema seats
            • Great and free food
            • Theater Amsterdam

              Described by our global Javascript leaders as the "Most Impressive Venue I have ever seen". Vue Experts delivering high-level talks with coding examples on a large 500m2 Screen. Diverse, world-class and free lunchtime catering. Comfy Cinema seats allowing you to open up your laptop if you wish to code along.

            • Twillio booth at JSWorld Conference
            • Uber promotion at JSWorld Conference
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              Vuejs Amsterdam 2023 will take place from 9 and 10 February 2023 in-person at Theater Amsterdam.

              Vuejs Amsterdam is the Most Special & Largest Vue Conference in the World with 1,100 People flying from over 50 Countries in the World from 437 companies. Vuejs Amsterdam is the Vue Community Event of the year.

              Since Vuejs Amsterdam started in 2018 it has been a sold-out conference. A unique opportunity to promote your company, product, service via our channels that include Employer Branding, Hiring and Exposure.

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