Program - VueJS Amsterdam 2025


  • Doors Open

    Come and Enjoy your Morning Coffee and Croissant

  • Evan You

    State of Vite & Vue 2024

    By Evan You

  • Daniel Kelly

    Common Mistakes in Vue.js

    By Daniel Kelly

  • Elise Patrikainen

    Efficient server state management

    By Elise Patrikainen

  • Cagatay Civici

    PrimeVue | The Next-Gen UI Component Library

    By Cagatay Civici

  • Adam Jahr

    Rendering Revealed

    By Adam Jahr

  • Alexander Lichter

    Vue.js Hydration Demystified

    By Alexander Lichter

  • Lunch Break

    Extensive Food Options with numerous Islands that offer Vegan, Vegetarian and Meat-based meals.

  • Houssein Djirdeh

    Nuxt and Google

    By Houssein Djirdeh

  • Pooya Parsa

    A big announcement for Nitro

    By Pooya Parsa

  • Daniel Roe

    State of Nuxt 2024

    By Daniel Roe

  • Sebastien Chopin

    Full Stack with Nuxt

    By Sebastien Chopin

  • Julien Huang

    Ship less javascript to your client with Nuxt Island

    By Julien Huang

  • Natalia Tepluhina

    Seven ways to make your Vue component tests better

    By Natalia Tepluhina

  • Coffee Break

  • Vanessa Otto

    Unleashing the power of AI: Integrating Tiptap, OpenAI and Vue.js

    By Vanessa Otto

  • Justin Schroeder

    Conquering forms in Vue

    By Justin Schroeder

  • Alvaro Saburido Rodriguez

    The Subtle Art of 3D Scrolly-telling and Product Customization using TresJS

    By Alvaro Saburido Rodriguez

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