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Program - VueJS Amsterdam 2023
VueJS Amsterdam 2023


  • Doors Open

  • Tim Benniks

    Alive and Kicking. A Vue into Rock& Roll!

    By Tim Benniks

    Rock & roll is alive and kicking and in this talk I will showcase that Vue is so versatile it can be used to do audio visualisations while rock guitar soars through the browser. The audience will have access to a vue application which allows them to vote for a song to be played live on stage. The screen shows all the votes and I play them as they come up. While playing music meta data is shown and an audio visualisation plays while I’m rocking on stage. The more votes a song gets, the higher it shows on the list and the more chance I’ll play it. The whole experience is created using Vue and Uniform. Next to waking the audience up with some spicy rock& roll, I will explain how the software was build and why Vue is such an important technology for composable architectures with multiple channels.

  • Bjorn Lu

    The Complete Guide to packaging Libraries

    By Bjorn Lu

    Learn everything you need to know about packaging and publishing your own libraries as an open-source npm package in this comprehensive guide.

  • Debbie O'Brien

    Playing your tests wright

    By Debbie O'Brien

    It's time to play your tests wright. Let's take a look at how to write good tests and cover some of the best practices for testing, choosing the right locators and more. Let's make testing easy and fun by generating tests on user actions. Then lets explore some cool tips and tricks to help you write better tests

  • Morning Break

  • Mariam Reba Alexander

    How Vue Drives Global Trade

    By Mariam Reba Alexander

    Have you ever wondered how a product you shopped online reached your doorstep? Did you know that the Vue ecosystem powers one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world? In this talk you will be taken through how Vue influences the journey of a product around the world, and how Maersk, a global integrator in logistics, uses Vue to simplify the global supply chain.

  • Filip Rakowski

    Common misconceptions around Google Lighthouse

    By Filip Rakowski

    These days web performance is one of the most important things everyone wants to optimize on their apps, and it's clear to everyone how dramatic the impact of a poorly optimized website is on business. Yet we as an industry completely fail in recognizing its complexity and widely misuse the most common tool to measure it — Google Lighthouse. If you’re one of those people thinking that good performance equals a good Lighthouse score, you’ve also fallen into this trap and this talk is for you. You will learn when the Google Lighthouse audit results can trick you and how to make good decisions based on its output.

  • Aurélie Violette

    Developing Weweb: VueJs Performance optimization on a large webapp.

    By Aurélie Violette

  • Lunch Break

  • Sebastien Chopin

    State of Nuxt 2023

    By Sebastien Chopin

    The Creator of Nuxt, Sebastien Chopin will be bringing us the State of Nuxt 2023! The major release of Nuxt 3 Stable comes with some amazing upgrades like hybrid rendering, Vue 3 support, api routes, and more! With the rise of the composition API we will most likely see an even further adoption in projects that don’t require server-side rendering.