Workshop - VueJS Amsterdam 2025
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Workshop with Evan You

Learn from The Creator of Vue

Friday 1 March // 13:00 - 17:30

Evan You in podcast

Evan You Workshop

Reactivity Deep Dive

Fine-grained reactivity in frontend frameworks isn't a novel idea: it has been around since Knockout.js - more than a decade ago! Recently, the wider frontend community has also started to re-discover how powerful this paradigm is, and how it is more intuitive and more effective compared to some approaches that enforce immutability.

In this workshop, we will discuss what reactivity really means in the context of frontend applications, how it's been presented in different forms over time, and how it differs in the frameworks that we work with today. We will then use Vue as a prime example, and implement a simplified version of its reactivity API from scratch. You will understand how the same system powers both API styles of Vue, and how to leverage it for better code organization in the form of composable functions.

Who better to learn from than the Creator of Vue, Evan You himself, In Person on Friday Afternoon 1 March 2024.

  • When

    Friday 1 March 13:00 Doors Open 13:30 Start Workshop 17:30 End Workshop Inc. Snacks and Beverages

  • Where

    Amsterdam - Exact Location to be announced

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